Double Glazed Windows Why Are They Becoming Increasingly Popular?

The double glazed windows are known for their great energy efficiency and this is the primary reason behind their increasing popularity. Fitting these units to your home will help you save a lot of money on the energy bills. The other notable advantage of using dual glazed units is their ability of protecting the environment by lowering heat loss and carbon footprint, a major concern resulting from modern ways of living. On the other hand, tests conducted using standard windows i.e. the single pane units have revealed that they do not possess the ability of maintaining the temperature of a room by preventing heat from escaping, particularly when compared to the double pane pieces. The section below will inform you about other factors responsible for making the double glazing windows so popular among homeowners. Saves energy costs: These units are known to offer reduced air leakage and improved heat retention. In places having cold weather, these windows do not allow warm air to escape through them and as a result the rooms remain warm and comfortable.

During the warm weather, on the other hand, the dual-glazed units keep the rooms cooler by retaining minimum solar heat. In addition to that they also ensure that you can get clear view of things around you without the need of switching on the lights; this is possible because these windows allow bright daylight to enter your house abundantly. All these features of the double glazing glasses help you to save on heating, cooling and lighting costs. Provides comfortable surroundings: As mentioned in the above section, these glasses help in making your house a more comfortable place. They offer thermal insulation and keep your room warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer time. The sound insulation offered by them is also significantly better than that of the single pane pieces; thus they are perfect options for homes located in noisy and busy areas.

Reduces condensation: Windows with double glazing come with Low-E (Low-Emittance coatings, which helps in reducing the intensity of condensation. In places with cold weather, moisture tends to condense on the warm surfaces, which results in formation of water droplets that later freeze to form frost. Presence of frost makes a room much cooler. By reducing condensation, these glass units help in keeping the rooms warmer even in cold weather. Reduces furniture fading: The sun emitsultraviolet rays, which is known for fading items like fabric, wooden pieces, artwork and paper. When you install a double glazed window in your house, you will be automatically reducing transmission of UV rays by as much as 75%. This prevents all your furniture sets, artwork and tapestries from getting faded or discolored.